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Autopsychobabble #2

Duration of documentation: 25min

Performed at The Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro, Mallorca, Spain, on October 25


autopsycho mail image.jpg

There is something monstrous about “The Eternal Virgin”.

This is a series of performance work, which consists of a mixture of video sampling, voice dubbing, and violent gesture of pencil drawing. I took an image of Setsuko Hara, one of the most famous actress in Japanese film history, and made a performative intervention towards her image. I treated Hara, also known as “Eternal Virgin”, as someone who is trapped in the men's fantasy. I tried to trap the audience in the same space; the space where Hara was trapped; the space where the men's fantasy creates monstrous image of “The Eternal Virgin” through repression and symbolic violence.

Setsuko Hara was the one of the most popular actress in 40's and 50's. All through her career, she played innocent women. At the age of 42, she suddenly retired. She never appeared in public ever since. She never get married. Both on public and private life, she kept playing her role, the “The Eternal Virgin”.



Trapped Voice Would Dream of Silence

21 Mar - 7 Jun, 2015

Arts Maebashi | Gunma, Japan

​ KOIZUMI Meiro: Trapped Voice Would Dream of Silence
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