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video installation
56min 37sec



For the last ten years in Japan, I have been working on questions like how the destruction of modern warfare affect people’ s memories, and what is the personal “choice” for the soldiers, who are destined to follow the order. When I was asked to make a work for Perez Art Museum in Miami, I decided to work around these questions in the US context with the veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I asked veterans to wear GoPro camera (wearable camera) around their heads, and asked to describe the scenes of their everyday lives (their homes, their towns, and so on). Then in the same spots, I asked them to close their eyes, and asked to describe the most stressful moments in Iraq
or Afghanistan. With editing, I mixed these two kinds of scenes seamlessly so that scenes of their everyday lives are suddenly transformed into a stressful nightmare of war zones.




20 Jul - 31 Aug, 2019

MUJIN-TO Production | Tokyo, Japan

DSC09714-1024x683_Installation view of t

photo: Kenji Morita




Profundidad de campo

17 Jan - 10 Mar, 2019

Matadero Madrid | Madrid, Spain

Profundidad de campo
White Rainbow 





22 Nov, 2018 – 12 Jan, 2019

White Rainbow | London, England