We Mourn the Dead of the Future

5 channel video installation,

49minutes 48sec


I made performance with 20 Japanese young people through two days workshop. On the first day, we invited a soldier of Japanese Self-Defense Force, to talk about his job, his experience, his motivations, and his life. We also did a long discussion about what it means to join the army, who are the people joining the army, why do we need the army, and so on. And in the end of the first day, everyone had to make a statement about self-sacrifice.

They had to write a statement either
“I would sacrifice my life for OOOO, because ….”
“I would never sacrifice my life, because ….” .

On the second day, we created a ritual together where they have to manifest the statement in public in a ritual that suggests the scene of mass execution. And in the heavy rain, under the gazes of the audiences, the 20 young people made this intense performance/ritual. I am still editing the result, but it will be edited to 5 screen video installation work.

Installation view of the exhibition "We Mourn the Dead of the Future" at Kitasenju BUoY, photo: Kenji Morita

Installation view of the exhibition "CELEBRATION -Japanese – Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition-" at Kyoto Art Center