Results of "Questionnaire to Measure Your Hypnosis Susceptibility"


Number of responses by April 30, 2021:  38 people


​*Q.1 This was my first experience of hypnosis.




31 (81.58%)




Q.2 (Only those who answered "No" in Q.1)

I have experienced "Spell of Freedom Hypno-Experiment" multiple times.




2 times



3 times



4 times



5 times or more



*Q.3 When you were told that “you cannot open your eyes anymore”;



*Q.4 When you were told that “the person in the mirror will look like someone else”;



*Q.5 When you were told that “the words are spoken by a stranger in the mirror”;



*Q.6 When you were told that “you can no longer speak”;



*Q.7 When you were told that “your whole body is feeling a very comfortable feeling of liberation”



Q.8 Comments 自由記述欄

Please describe as precisely as possible any strangeness or sensory changes you felt during the session.


It was rather being spoken by the "mouth" than by "someone else".


I was surprised when I really wasn’t able to open my eyes due to being under hypnosis. Afterwards, I had more mysterious experiences, such as not being able to speak, losing my strength, etc. There seems to be a lot of potential in being able to use the art of hypnosis well.本当に目が開かなくなったときはびっくりしました。 その後も、声が出なくなったり力が抜けたり、不思議な体験でした。 催眠術を上手く使うといろんな可能性が広がっていくのかもしれないですね。 

I felt like I was a separate person observing myself.


Midway through, I felt like I was squinting, as though the top and bottom positions of my eyes had moved sideways. Because there was alcohol involved, in one way my senses seemed sharp, yet in another way, they seemed dull.

My face in the mirror also seemed as thought it was crying. But after the session, my face looked quite pleasant.



When I first started staring into my own eyes in the mirror, I felt a tingling sense of discomfort between my eyebrows, as though "a finger was being held near to my eyebrows while my eyes were closed."

I didn't have the sense of being hypnotized, and I think I was just consciously trying to follow the voice. But once the hypnosis was finally released, my head, neck, and shoulders, which had been tired and heavy before I experienced hypnosis, now felt refreshed, as though they were somehow lighter.

As I felt a surge of anger, the person in the mirror said “It was you who deprived me of freedom!”; I found it interesting.


 The person in the mirror at times looked like my father or an older version of me.


As I shifted the point of focus while gazing at the mirror, I did not feel that image of myself in the mirror was someone else. But I did have this sensation of “the blurred human shape spoke to me". I could have stopped midway or let out my voice without following the suggestion that I would lose my voice, but I continued obediently. While I was hearing the voice, I didn’t think about my work, etc. at all, so I think I was concentrating very hard. While the number was counted down from twenty, I felt as if black fog spread in my head. When I opened my eyes after that, I felt that my field of vision was a little darker than before. When the number was counted down from ten in the end, that fog disappeared and my head was filled with white light. When I opened my eyes again, the level of brightness in the room seems to be as usual. At that moment, my head was clear; But now as I am writing this text, I am feeling tired and sleepy again.

鏡をじっと見ている時に焦点をぼかすようにしていたら、他人という感じはしなかったけれど、ぼやけた人の形が話しかけてくるような感覚になった。 途中でやめるとか、指示に従わずに声を出すことも出来たと思うけれど、素直に最後まで応じてしまった。声が聞こえる間、仕事のこととかは全く頭に浮かばなくて集中していたんだと思う。 20を逆に数える間、頭の中に黒い霧がかかる感覚があった。そのあと目を開けた時に視界が少し暗くなっていた。最後に10数える間にその霧が晴れて頭の中が白い光でいっぱいになって、また目を開けたときは部屋がいつもの明るさだった。 目を開けた瞬間はスッキリしていたけど、これを書いているいまはだるい。眠たい感じ。

I think I was hypnotized fairly smoothly to the point where my eyes were kept shut. But when I spoke out, I felt that it was my will which had me do it. During speaking, however, my eyes lost focus and my face looked blurred (swelled?) like those in the paintings of Francis Bacon. It was interesting. As I practice fortune-telling and reading counselling, these might have created a psychological barrier, which made me awake during active speaking. This is what I thought retrospectively after being awaken. Depending on the attribute of subject, phrases which are psychologically less interfering might help one getting hypnotized more smoothly. But it might be dangerous too if people get hypnotized so easily. (Personally I found it very interesting that Mr. Koizumi adopted an approach which could hurt the audience more directly than usual, while he usually did this in a more roundabout way. I hope that he will continue to do so to the level he finds optimal.)

目が開かなくなるところまではかなり順調に(?)かかった気がするのですが、自分が言葉を発したりする分には自分の意思で発声しているな~と感じました。ただし、言葉を発している最中、焦点がブレて顔がフランシスベーコン的にボケて(膨張して?)見えた時間があり、それが面白かったです。 私は占いやリーディング・カウンセリングなどを少々やっているので、それが心理的障壁になって能動的発声のパートで覚醒が来てしまったのかもしれないなと覚醒中に少し考えました。被験者の属性によっては、内心への干渉度がもうちょっと低い台詞の方がかかりやすいかもしれません。いやでもかかりやすすぎても危なくて駄目なのかもしれませんが。(個人的には小泉さんが今回いつもよりダイレクトに鑑賞者を危うくするアプローチをとったのが大変興味深かったです。いつももうちょっと遠回りに傷つけられていたので、今後も任意の程度で傷つけていただければと思います。)

When I/she was repeating "It is not your fault", tears began rolling down.


My reflection in the mirror showed my face aging more and more, and sometimes I look like a blueish-black mummy.


While under hypnosis my head felt heavy and hurt a little. My entire body felt heavy and I felt as though I would topple forward. When I came out of hypnosis, my body no longer felt heavy, my head no longer hurt, and I was able to easily stretch my spine.


Great experience. I felt at the end that the person looking at me was a complete stranger and the words did sounds as if they were coming from the mirror. Also, my face was getting blurry in the mirror towards the end. 



At times it felt like I was leaving myself.



I felt like I was freed from the daily pain.


With the kind of hypnosis that affects physical movement, as in being unable to open my eyes or speak, it seems more like I was being obedient, rather than being under hypnosis. It might have been easier to be obedient, and it might have been what I had wanted. In reality, that’s what I actually did, so if I were being observed, the observer might think that I was indeed under hypnosis. For the part where my face look like someone else’s, I was truly hypnotized but no doubt this wasn’t visible on the outside.



 I felt my hands were melted away. 


The face in the mirror becomes blurred and started to look like a stranger. I felt strange being spoken from inside the mirror. In the end, I lost my voice.