My Voice Would Reach You

HD video installation
duration of video:11min20sec(installation version), 16min (single screen version)
Installation version consists of; video, framed photos, letter, and the desk


I asked an actor to write a letter to his mother who had passed away.

From the content of this letter, I wrote a script for a heart-warming scene, in which, a grown-up man calling his mother to invite her to go to a holiday together in one weekend. I asked the actor to perform this scene.

When shooting the scene, instead of asking him to pretend as if he is talking to his mother on the phone, I asked him to call random Japanese companies found in business directories. He phoned more than 200 companies, and we collected the conversations of how all polite Japanese business people reacted.

Using this material, I constructed an installation. I displayed the the original letter with the video. This work is commissioned by Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, for the solo exhibition, MAM Project 009: Meiro Koizumi. It is presented in numerous exhibitions including Liverpool Biennale 2010.

(installation photo: Mori Museum MAM Project 009: Meiro Koizumi, 2009)



Trapped Voice Would Dream of Silence

21 Mar - 7 Jun, 2015

Arts Maebashi | Gunma, Japan



Project Series 99: Meiro Koizumi

9 Jan - 1 May, 2013

Museum of Modern Art | New York, NY, USA



MAM Project 009: Meiro Koizumi

22 Sep - 3 Nov, 2009

Mori Art Museum | Tokyo, Japan