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Mnemonic (father)

video installation


I remember one afternoon when I was 9 years old, my father drew me a picture of B29 Superfortress flying in the sky. It was drawn from the memories of his childhood during WWII.

I asked him to draw the same image with a graphite pencil on the ceiling.
While drawing, I filmed his hand and recorded the sound.

I projected the video on the ceiling


Defect in Vision

24 Mar - 12 May, 2012

Annet Gelink Gallery | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Defect in Vision


Unknown Sight

25 Feb - 27 Mar, 2011

Maebashi Museum Pre-event | Gunma, Japan

Unknown Sight


A Trace

22 Oct – 6 Nov, 2010

KLEMM ’S project room 7d5e | Berlin, Germany

A Trace
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