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Melodrama for Men #5 - Voice of a Dead Hero

Documentation of the performance: 21min

performed at Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, on August 8th


For this time, Koizumi became a Kamikaze pilot, Toshio Anazawa, who is famous for his romantic farewell note to his fiance Chieko. He disguised himself as a ghost of Anazawa, and wandered around the streets of Tokyo in search of his fiance Chieko. In the end, he went into the Yasukuni Shrine, the Japanese war shrine, and screamed her name repeartedly till he was stopped by the guard. Yasukuni shrine is where all the spirits of the dead soldiers who searved for the nationare enshrined as guardian gods of the nation. It is the most symbolic and sacred place for Japanese nationalists, and it has been always the center of controversy and conflicts between Rights and Lefts, religion and politics, Japan and other East Asian countries.

Broken Hero, Beautiful Afternoon

1 Jun - 10 Jul, 2011

Artspace | Sydney, Australia

​ ​ Broken Hero, Beautiful Afternoon
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