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In the State of Amnesia

2 screen Video Installation + Postcard


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"The video installation work, “In the State of Amnesia”, is made with Mr. Nobuhiro Tanaka, who damaged his brain when he had an accident when he was 21. Since then, he has been living with a memory disorder. Koizumi asked Mr. Tanaka to memorize a testimony of a Japanese soldier who served in the war in China during WWII.

During the 2 days of shooting, Mr. Tanaka had to memorize a testimony of a Japanese man who confessed his trauma of killing a small boy while on a secret mission during WWII in China. But because of his memory disorder, the camera captured the situation where the more he tried to remember the words, the less he can remember the lines. In the end, no words came out of his mouth, and all the words escaped from his memory.

Koizumi used the footage to create a video installation. "

(Shooting scenery)

Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown




Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown

21 Jan – 6 May, 2018

The National Museum of Art, Osaka | Osaka, Japan




28 Oct - 27 Nov, 2016

Kyoto Art Center | Kyoto, Japan




by Akira Takayama and Meiro Koizumi

31 Jul - 12 Oct, 2015

GINZA MAISON HERMÈS Le Forum | Tokyo, Japan