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Inder Kommen Sie/ It's a Comedy

HD video installation with variuos objects


This is a video installation made for the exhibition “Journey to the West” held in January 2012 in New Delhi, where a group of curators invited 6 Japanese artists to commission a work to be made around the relationship between Japan and India.

In this framework of the exhibition, I decided to use a controversial book in the modern Japanese history, the Judgement of Justice Radhabinod Pal, as a material of my experiment. I constructed a performance combining the paradoxical context of this book with monstrous representation of Indian gods.

The central performer had to read the Judgement of Pal as seriously as possible, while other two on the sides had to make a comedy out of the situation as hard as possible. They did 7 hours of performance, and I edited it down to half an hour, and made an installation using the props from theperformance.


Identity VIII

22 Jun - 28 July, 2012

Nichido Contemporary Art | Tokyo, Japan

Identity VIII


Journey to the West

22 Jan - 19 Feb, 2012

Japan Foundation in Lalit Kalat Academy | New Delhi, India

Journey to the West

(photo: Journey to the West at Lalit Kalat Academi, New Delhi)

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