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When Her Prayer is Heard
(Double Projection #2 )

2 channel HD video installation + interview(single screen video or printed paper)
15 min 48 sec


Double projection 2_1.jpg

This is a woman version of Double Projection. For this version, I collaborated with 86 year old woman, Kazuko Nagura, who lost her boyfriend for Kamikaze mission towards the end of WWII.

Listening to a woman talk about the Second World War, we encounter a unique intensity that stems from the fact that all she was able to do was pray, unlike that of a male's, whose stories are laden with gruesome imagery of battle and moral dilemmas deriving from Japanese heroism. I focused on how the woman deals and discusses the tragic news that was brought to her, which put her strong prayers in vain I have intervened in the mechanism of her sadness, in hopes to give form to the complex emotions that envelop a woman called Kazuko Nagura, and the contradiction of the world we live in.

Double projection 2_2.jpg

(photo: Nissan Art Award)

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