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Where the Silence Fails
(Double Projection #1)

2 channel HD video installation


Double projection 1_2.jpg

(Installation photo:Pinchuk Art Center, Future Generation Art Prize)

As the final stage of the Kamikaze series, I made a work with a real Kamikaze pilot, Mr. Tadamasa Itazu. In 1945, at the age of 19, Mr. Itazu volunteered to become a kamikaze pilot. But during the mission, on his way to attack the US ship in Okinawa, his air plane had an engine trouble, and he crush landed on the island. That’s how he survived through the deadly mission. For the Kamikaze pilots, death was the ultimate hornor, and the failure is the ultimate shame. Ever since this day of his failure, he has been living his life with big sense of shame as a failed kamikaze pilots, and also with a big sense of guilt towards his peers who died successfully in the same mission.

I asked Mr. Itazu to talk to his close friend, Mr. Ashida, who died in the Kamikaze mission. Then I asked him to play the role of Mr. Ashida, and asked him to pretend to reply to his own words.

This work is made for the occasion of Future Generation Art Prize at Pinchuk Art Center, Keiv.

Double projection 1_1.jpg




Profundidad de campo

17 Jan - 10 Mar, 2019

Matadero Madrid | Madrid, Spain

Profundidad de campo



Trapped Voice Would Dream of Silence

21 Mar - 7 Jun, 2015

Arts Maebashi | Gunma, Japan

KOIZUMI Meiro: Trapped Voice Would Dream of Silence
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