2 channel HD video installation


I asked real blind persons to act "blind" characters.

I wrote a script for a sentimental short film. The film is about a married couple at the end of WWII. The husband, who is a Kamikaze pilot, is “blind” to the ideology, while the wife, who will be left alone, is “blindly” optimistic. They are having the last meal together. I asked the real blind persons to act this scene.

It all started when I wondered, instead of having an ordinary actor to act a blind character who can see the invisible truth (the traditional motif of "blindness" found in arts and literature), what would happen if I ask a real blind person to act a character who can physically see things but lacks in insight.

This work is commissioned by Daimler Japan Foundation for the exhibition "Invisible Memories" at Hara Museum, Tokyo.

(installation photo: Annet Gelink Gallery)