Defect in Vision

2 channel HD video installation


I asked real blind persons to act "blind" characters.

I wrote a script for a sentimental short film. The film is about a married couple at the end of WWII. The husband, who is a Kamikaze pilot, is “blind” to the ideology, while the wife, who will be left alone, is “blindly” optimistic. They are having the last meal together. I asked the real blind persons to act this scene.

It all started when I wondered, instead of having an ordinary actor to act a blind character who can see the invisible truth (the traditional motif of "blindness" found in arts and literature), what would happen if I ask a real blind person to act a character who can physically see things but lacks in insight.

This work is commissioned by Daimler Japan Foundation for the exhibition "Invisible Memories" at Hara Museum, Tokyo.



Trapped Voice Would Dream of Silence

21 Mar - 7 Jun, 2015

Arts Maebashi | Gunma, Japan



Defect in Vision

24 Mar - 12 May, 2012

Annet Gelink Gallery | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


(installation photo: Annet Gelink Gallery)


Art Scope 2009-2011 : Invisible Memories

20 Sep - 11 Oct, 2011

Hara Museum | Tokyo, Japan