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Another Vision (Juan Pablo)

Commissioned by Foundation Alumnos 47, Mexico City
for the Porject "Liquid Project" at General Cano, Foundation Alumnos 47, 7th- 29th, June


juan pablo crying still_5.jpg

I was invited to a project in Mexico city. I was asked to make a work using a house, which will be demolished in a few weeks.

For my project, I decided to invite a man who lived in the house for 46 years. The man's name is Juan Pablo. Ever since he was born, he's been living in this house. He said he loved the house. The best memories are family gathering in weekends. The worst memory is moving out of the house.

I decided to put some make up on his face, and ask him to make a drawing of his best memory in the house, WITH HIS EYES CLOSED. While he was making the drawing, I filmed him, and also recorded the sound of the drawing. Using this video footage, sound, and the entire house which was completely blacked out of any light, I created an installation where his memories and the audience's memories meets in emoitnal way in pitch darkness.