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Prometheus the Fire-Bringer

Outdoor VR Installation

VR 3D 180

Year of production: 2023

Total duration: 27 min

This is a outdoor VR installation and the final chapter of Merio Koizumi’s “Prometheus Trilogy”. The story, which is told in a poetic tone, is a mythical story of humans to become entirely different beings through a small bio-technological operation. To tell this mythical story in the an effective way, Koizumi uses VR technology, which allows to blur the outlines of the body, and tricks the brain into feeling that one is living among a collective body consisting of many other bodies.

6 audiences can experience the work at the same time. Each audience with Head Mount Display experiences VR individually, either in indoor tents or at outside park in a semi-public space.

Theater der Welt, Frankfurt, 2023

Theater Commons ‘23, Tokyo

3D video stills

Concept and Direction:
Meiro Koizumi

VR Effects: Katsuya Taniguchi (Rhino Studios) Assistant Director: Wataru Koyama
Stage Manager: Marie Moriyama Production Manager: Sayuri Fujii

Curator: Chiaki Soma
Production: Theater Commons Tokyo, Meiro Koizumi

Support: JST Keio Spring “Nurturing of doctoral students who will map the grand designs for future society,” Core Program Arts/Design/Communication
Co-operation: MUJIN-TO Production, Arts Commons Tokyo, Annet Gelink Gallery

構成・演出| 小泉明郎

VR制作| 谷口勝也(Rhino Studios)

演出助手| 小山 渉

舞台監督| 守山真利恵

制作| 藤井さゆり

キュレーター| 相馬千秋

製作| シアターコモンズ、小泉明郎

制作協力| 慶應義塾大学 JST Keio Spring「未来社会のグランドデザインを描く博士人材の育 成」コアプログラムArts/Design/Communication

協力| 無人島プロダクション、NPO法人芸術公社、アネット・ゲリンク・ギャラリー


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