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Home Drama

sound file, Mp3 player, map, and scenery of Futaba Town, Fukushima, Japan

duration of the sound: 27 minutes 52seconds, 2015 -2022

​site specific work for "1/12 Don't Follow the Wind: Meiro Koizumi + Non-Visitor Center", Oct 22 - Dec 4, 2022

This work is a part of a site specific exhibition "Don't Follow the Wind", which is taking place inside the restricted Fukushima exclusion zone around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant. ​More about the exhibition:

The original work “Home” (2015) was created together with a person who were the resident of this house, and it was a 3minutes 30seconds soundwork to be listened in the collapsing house. I asked the person to imagined and acted out a scene in which he would return to this house in the future. However, the house was destroyed before the Olympics, and we can no longer experience the work.

So, I looped this 3minute 30 seconds of audio file and reconfigure it into a 30-minute new work, "Home Drama" (2022).

The audience is instructed to start the Mp3 player at the gate of the house, and with the help of this map, expected to take a walk around the town to the final “Destination” .

Installation view at "1/12 Don't Follow the Wind"
Photo by Kenji Morita
courtesy of Don't Follow the Wind Committee
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