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Antidream #2 olympic.jpg

AntiDream #2 is a sound work which the audience is expected to listen to in the most crowded spot in the cities that one lives. In the work, the mechanical voice abstractly tries to turn the cityscape under the pandemic into authoritarian dystopia. "AntiDream #2 Torch Ritual Edit" is an “un-edited” superposition of this sound work and the existing video footages of the Torch Relay for Tokyo Olympic on the internet. According to a poll, 70 percent of people do not want the Olympic Game to be hold during this pandemic, but the Japanese government, who is desperate to hold the Olympic Game, is spending $100 million to hold the Torch Relay, while many people are dying from the Corona Virus because of lack of beds in the hospital. There is a contradiction that the uglier the situation around the Olympic becomes, the stronger the work becomes. Koizumi put the video onto Youtube for as many people to view the work under this chaotic circumstance.

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