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Anti-Dream #1 (Room with a Sculpture)

Sound Sculpture

(with sound device, headphone, moving-head light, collage, empty room)


“AntiDream #1 (Room with a Sculpture)” consists of the dance of a pair of synchronized moving-head spot lights accompanied by a sound of a mechanical voice and a voice of a child repeating poetical sentences to stir the perception and emotion of the audience. The work touches the very basis of the museum as a political institution to create the power by preserving and creating history, and how technology can intervene into this political/aesthetical mechanism through one’s unconsciousness, which is an autonomous system that operates within our psyche. This work is an abstract work and doesn’t have any direct historical references, but it loosely suggests the context of massacre in the wars and also Nazi’s Cathedral of Light. 

photo by: Keizo Kioku
antidream emptyroom.jpg
photo by: Keizo Kioku
photo by: Keizo Kioku
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