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Melodrama for Men #3 - Love Supreme

performed at Gallery Raku, Kyoto, Feb12



In 1970, Yukio Mishima, one of the most acclaimed authors of the 20th Century Japanese Literary world, commited Harakiri Suicide (ritualistic suicide by disembowelment) in order to save the traditional value of Japan from being contaminated by the fast growing capitalism of the post WWII Japanese society. This act of extreme nationalism still has a great spiritual impact and influence on nationalists today. In the performance, Koizumi made himself possessed by the demonic spirit of Mishima, and aestheticized this monster to the point where the political agendas are saturated by the effects and emotion of Art


The Love Supreme

12 - 28 Feb, 2010

Gallery Raku, Kyoto Zokei University | Kyoto, Japan

The Love Supreme
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